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March Wednesday

Cuban Ministry of Agriculture denies fake news about pigeon breeding bans

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 22 (ACN) The breeding of pigeons is not prohibited in the Animal Welfare Decree Law to be approved in Cuba, Yobani Gutierrez Ravelo, director of Animal Health of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG), declared, who described as fake the publications published in social media announcing the opposite.

In a press release published on MINAG's website, Gutierrez Ravelo explained that the legal document, which is expected to be approved this month, establishes regulations in favor of bird welfare, but does not prohibit the breeding of pigeons, as long as it complies with the hygienic, sanitary and welfare requirements that the species requires.

He reiterated that the publications that have spread in recent days announcing the prohibition of this practice and the existence of pigeon lofts by breeders not associated to the National Ornithological Association of Cuba (ANOC) are completely untrue.

Everything is nothing more than a fake manipulation by elements that intend to confuse and create chaos to stimulate indiscipline, disorder and unrest in the population, said the director of Animal Health.

The publication of warnings to breeders not associated to ANOC, the imposition of fines, the confiscation of pigeons and the deposit for the delivery of the confiscated birds that supposedly will be bought by the State to their owners is not true, he clarified.

The ANOC and the Federation of Colombophiles of Cuba, he added, are officially recognized and maintain excellent working ties with the Directorate of Animal Health, so the objectives and strategies are common.

The Animal Welfare Decree Law will implement the policy approved in January, which sets the guidelines to guarantee a good physical and mental state to animals in relation to the conditions in which they live and die.

Public policies have the objective of seeking solutions to different problems of society, this one specifically looks after, among other aspects, the welfare of animals in enclosures, fairs, zoos, aquariums; it fights illegal hunting and fishing of different species, as well as improper

It also recognizes how necessary it is in today's Cuban society to gain a culture of respect for animals and therefore proposes a public outreach strategy that even includes changes in education systems to include these topics.

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