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August Saturday

Cuba and Venezuela assess strategies against US hostility

Cuba and Venezuela assess strategies against US hostilityHAVANA, Oct 24 (ACN) As the US government's hostility against Cuba and Venezuela grows, these two countries strengthen relations and assess joint strategies to face such a genocidal policy, as stated in the exchanges between the foreign ministers of both nations and the statements of the Cuban ambassador to Caracas.

In Baku, Azerbaijan, host of the 18th Summit of Heads of States and Governments of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla and Jorge Arreaza, Cuban and Venezuelan Ministers of Foreign Affairs respectively, met to discuss joint strategies to counteract the aggressions fostered by Donald Trump's administration that prevent the acquisition of medicines, food, raw materials and other inputs, in order to choke the people.
The exchange took place during the ministerial meeting prior to the NAM Summit, where Venezuela will hand over the presidency of this entity to Azerbaijan.
Arreaza addressed the plenary session to denounce the U.S. government's coercive actions against Venezuela, and urged members of the Movement to reaffirm the principles of non-intervention in countries' internal affairs, respect for cultural and religious diversity and human rights, the right to peace and development.
On the other hand, Rodriguez Parrilla denounced the growing hostility of American policy against Cuba since the full application of the Helms-Burton Act, and thanked the international support to his country.
For his part, the Cuban ambassador to Venezuela, Dagoberto Rodriguez, highlighted the steady strengthening of bilateral relations despite the US increasing aggressions against both nations.

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