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November Monday

There is increasing US hostility towards Cuba, Cuban diplomat asserts

HAVANA, Cuba, May 21 (ACN) Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, director general for the United States at the Cuban foreign ministry, ratified that, in effect, there is a rise in hostility, a state of open hostility, on the side of the government of the United States towards the island, which has been determined and committed to taking extreme actions to put an end to the Cuban revolution.
 At a press conference held at the foreign ministry's headquarters in Havana, the diplomat emphasized the actions of the current White House administration, the Granma newspaper reported.
 Part of what the U.S. government has done is to increase its verbal aggressiveness, to use a high dose of falsehoods, of lies, but it has also been taking actions of great impact, among them the tightening of the blockade, an increase in the pursuit of Cuba's commercial transactions anywhere in the world, of the financial transactions on which our foreign trade depends, on which the functioning of our economy depends, he explained.
Fernandez de Cossio outlined how the negative action towards third countries has increased, as the current administration committed itself to an extreme application of the Helms-Burton Act.
This government has also taken such excessive measures as trying to prevent the arrival of the fuel required by the Cuban economy to function, and if it has not been successful, it is because of the solidity, the strength of this country, he stressed.
The Cuban official pointed out that the Trump administration has proposed to reduce to minimum formal bilateral exchanges between the two countries; that cooperation, which has existed in such sensitive issues as the application and enforcement of the law in the fight against drug trafficking, against terrorism.
 It has also put as many barriers as possible to exchanges that do not depend directly on the government: academic, cultural, religious, sports, scientific-technical, and health.
Regarding the intention to impose the opinion matrix that the blockade against Cuba does not affect trade with third countries, the diplomat said that it is true that there are those who say that, "and it is true that there is an opinion matrix that they are trying to impose, and those who are trying to do so are deliberately lying, it is a deliberately dishonest act".
And as if that were not enough, it is something that is written in the Helms-Burton Act, which says that the blockade is aimed at creating hardship in Cuba and depriving it of economic resources.
  The Cuban diplomat described the White House's aggression against the island's medical collaboration as an implausible action.
 But Cuba has such a strong health system that not only can it care for its own problems, but international medical collaboration is capable of providing services to millions of people around the world, Fernandez de Cossio concluded.

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