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November Monday

Cuban expert warns about the asymptomatic and its great risks to spread the COVID-19

HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 14 (ACN) Dr. Vivian Kouri Cardella, first deputy director of the Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK), referred to the impact that the behavior of asymptomatic people has on COVID-19 infection.

In a conversation with Granma newspaper, Kouri Cardella explained that a person is considered asymptomatic when he or she is infected with some pathogen, but does not present any manifestations of the disease. When the diagnosis test is done, it is positive and, besides, the person is capable of transmitting the infection to others.
"It is important to differentiate the asymptomatic person from the pre-symptomatic one. It can happen that the patient is sampled at an early stage and then develops into the disease. That person does not qualify as asymptomatic, because in this group there are those who never show any kind of symptoms," she said.
On whether the viral load of an asymptomatic person is higher than the one of a symptomatic person, the specialist affirmed there are no scientific evidences in this regard and Cuba has no conclusions on the subject either.
She added that current research reports differences in the duration of positivity of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests between symptomatic patients and asymptomatic ones.
The expert also referred to the recommended treatment for asymptomatic people once they are isolated, and said that in the world, asymptomatic people do not receive any type of treatment, they are only advised to isolate themselves at home and have the least contact with other people.
"In Cuba, they are treated with therapies to increase the immune defenses, such as interferon and nasalferon. This last one is a chemical compound that is administered through the nose with less invasive risks for the body, he said.
Cuba does not produce PCR diagnostic tests. We buy them abroad. We produce only a volume of expendable material; I am talking about the swabs for sampling, the collection medium, where the swab is placed, and others. We also produce personal protection equipment, I am talking about the clothing, Kouri Cardella continued.
The large laboratory companies are the ones that supply these reagents, which are very expensive, and which are currently in deficit, the scientist concluded.




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