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November Monday

Cuba increases its action protocols against COVID-19

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 13 (ACN) Five months after the first cases of the novel coronavirus were reported in the country, Cuba has a new Protocol of National Action for COVID-19, which is already in effect and will be issued this Thursday in honor of the birth of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.
Ileana Morales Suarez, National Director of Science and Technological Research of the Health Ministry, stated this is already a well-established protocol, which has allowed to improve some effectiveness indicators.
 In April we reached 4.4 lethality rate, and it dropped in May; in June it reached 1.1; in July to 0.99; and to date it is at 0.2, said the specialist when she attended the Mesa Redonda TV program.
Morales Suarez pointed out the advantages of Cuba having a single national protocol, which is preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative, with its own program of psychological and social support - especially mental health for patients, families, and health workers in the red area - with preventive measures almost in the same range and balance as the therapeutic ones, and with the entire recovery protocol, which is practically unique at the international level.
 She stated the first protocol had only nine drugs, with a significant, modest and innovative national base, but a focus on the confirmed and the serious.
In the case of the second one, it is already starting to move towards medicines aimed at the community, at risk groups, at prevention, and with an increase in innovative products, the expert added.
 The third progressed much further, with just two imported medications and a large number of innovative products, a key element of the Cuban protocol, according to the specialist.
The next one is a very strong one, which already had for all types of populations; while the fifth one is already the definitive one, she explained.
She announced that in the last 72 hours, clinical trials have been designed and approved that will have important impacts on recovery, prevention and the protocol, some linked to patients who present consistent positive PCR.
 There are two priority working lines at the moment, which are the capacity for quick and massive diagnosis that allows for epidemiological surveillance, as well as the development of specific vaccines which could contribute to the definitive control of the disease, Morales Suarez concluded.

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