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January Monday

Cuba guarantees workers´ salaries, says minister

HAVANA, Cuba, June 1 (ACN) Alejandro Gil Fernandez, vice prime minister and head of economy and planning, said on Twitter that the wage guarantee for interruptions in the state sector and the exemptions and tax reductions that have been applied to the non-state sector are still in effect.
In June, while Cuba faces the situation of the pandemic, the measures referring to the wage guarantee for workers in the state sector and other tax issues for those in the non-state one remain in force.
According to Alejandro Gil Fernandez, as it was known in the meeting on Saturday with the highest authorities of the country, in the case of the workers of the state sector it had been approved that in the first month of being declared interrupted they would receive 100% of the salary and from the second month 60% of it.
That does not finish on May 31," he said, " it extends the payment of 60% of the salary for the period necessary to guarantee the protection of our workers, while the conditions that led to this decision are maintained.
It will also happen, Gil Fernandez added, with the tax measures that have been implemented to benefit the self-employed. Among them, he highlighted the postponement of the tax payment, including the liquidation of the Personal Income Tax through a sworn statement, which will continue to be exempt from the application of moratorium interest.
 In the case of self-employed activities that are suspended, either by decision of the appropriate authority or at the request of non-State workers, taxpayers holding such licenses are also exempted from the payment of all taxes. Similarly, it confirmed that workers employed by such owners continue to be exempted from payment of the monthly tax liability.

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