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Cuban VP presides over Day of the Educator main event

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Cuban VP presides over Day of the Educator main eventHAVANA, Cuba, Dec 22 (ACN) Cuban First Vice-President Miguel Díaz-Canel presided over the main event of the celebrations for the Day of the Educator held in the eastern city of Las Tunas.

Díaz-Canel imposed the Order Frank País of First Degree to Alberto Salas Rodríguez, methodologist of the Directorate of Education in Camagüey, and Roberto Tamayo, of the Flores Betancourt Polytechnic, of the municipality of Colombia in Las Tunas.

Dania Frómeta, from Guantanamo, and the girls Ana Cecilia Leyva, Martha Serrano and Rafaela Guerra received the Frank País Second Degree Order, imposed by Olga Lidia Tapia, a member of the PCC Secretariat.

Ariel Santana, a member of the Central Committee of the PCC and first secretary in this province, handed over the José Tey Medal to workers from Guantánamo, Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey and Las Tunas.

The stimulus was extended to families who gave their homes while the schools recovering from the damages caused by Hurricane Irma last September.

The designation of Las Tunas as the central venue for this day is due to the fact that the province was highlighted in the last four years by the quality of education, teacher coverage, school attendance and retention, the Educate Your Child program and the repair of schools, said Ena Elsa Velázquez, minister of the branch.

Velázquez acknowledged that the provinces of Guantánamo, Camagüey and Santiago de Cuba were also creditors of the status of Outstanding.

She congratulated the educators who work in Cuba and those who carry out missions in other countries, the workers who support the teaching, those who lead the children in the first ages, and those who work in internal centers, special schools and in the facilities that welcome children without family protection.

We feel committed to the literacy teachers that one day today in 1961 told the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, that he could count on them for any mission, she said.


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