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April Thursday

Cuba presents innovation-oriented government management model

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 1 (ACN) Co-authored by the Cuban president, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, a scientific text published today presents the conceptual and referential bases for the projection of the Innovation-oriented Government Management Model.

The article Innovation-oriented Government Management: Context and Characterization of the Model, also written by Mercedes Delgado Fernandez, analyzes the objectives and approaches, trends, characteristics in Socialism, as well as the most widely used management standards.

The research highlights as governmental tools to boost innovation, the development of public infrastructures, platforms supported by information and communications technologies, innovation parks, experimental development zones, innovative industrial clusters and public cooperation and exchange services.

It points out that open innovation at the local level is implemented by expanding and facilitating access to information by citizens in order to foster accountability.

In a comparative analysis of government management in Socialism, the article refers to the Chinese model as an example of institutional reform based on creating new products and services of better quality, creating and applying new technologies, as well as improving the efficiency of resource allocation.

It also highlights the priority given in Vietnam to information technologies, based on the fact that they facilitate organizational reform, the renewal of working methods and the reform of administrative procedures.

According to the text, a Cuban model of innovation-oriented government management has a nationwide scope, from the central to the local level, encompasses all spheres of society and is led by the country's highest level of management.

Among the principles of this new form of government are the leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba, the unity of the people, a holistic approach, dynamic management, coordinated collaboration, and transparent and participatory management.

In addition, it insists on the application of a Balanced Management Scorecard supported by a computerized tool for government management, in order to favor integral evaluation.

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