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April Friday

Diaz-Canel highlights the voice of Cuban artists in response to provocation

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 22 (ACN) Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez highlighted today on Twitter the voice of Cuban artists such as the poet and repentista, Tomasita Quiala, who wrote a few verses for Cuba Viva.

The Cuban president linked his message to a post by the digital media Cubadebate, which shares in its entirety the verses Frente a la provocacion ("In the face of provocation") by Tomasita Quiala, who assures that she responds firmly and attentively to those who have been in this nation for 60 years.

Poor whoever gets stuck in the domino too early, maybe he has dreamed in vain of playing in the White House, whoever kisses his neck to the north will not be able to win the game, I did, I learned to play with a noble Commander who, when I had a double to spare, didn't let me count it, the Cuban singer writes.

Recently, social media have spread attempts of musical speeches in which the song "Patria o Vida" is used against the phrase of the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, "Patria o Muerte" (Fatherland or Death); in the face of this provocation, artists, institutions, organizations and people in general have clearly rejected it.

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