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March Wednesday

Cuban to Diversify Digital Communication Services

Havana, Feb 18 (ACN) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel presided over the annual working meeting of the Communications Ministry for 2021, whose agenda emphasized the need to increase high-quality digital services for the people, cybersecurity and encourage the use of modern technologies.

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz was also presiding over the session in which participants defined other working priorities such as diversifying products and services and increase exports.

A news release by the ministry of Communications announced among its projects the expansion of the cellular and mobile data networks, increase home-base ADSL services by 50 thousand and advance the introduction of the 4-G infrastructure.

Digital television services keep growing in the country by providing more de-codifying equipment and setting up new digital transmitters. Meanwhile, the increase of e-trade and e-government services under the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020 paved the way to expand these services in the benefit of the people and to reduce costs in terms of resources. For instance, registration of property, applications for construction license, payment of fines and requests of official documents are some of the main services reported during the session.

Special attention will focus technological-scientific parks in the capital Havana and in western Matanzas province in order to better use innovation and production capacity in those facilities.


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