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November Monday

Cuban president sends message to virtual meeting of Sao Paulo Forum

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 16 (ACN) Miguel Diaz-Canel, Cuban president, sent a message to the International Homage to the 50th Anniversary of the Popular Unity of Chile, organized virtually by the Sao Paulo Forum.

It is exciting and moving that in this year full of survival challenges for all, the leftist forces of Latin America honor our common history of struggles, by deciding to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Popular Unity, said the Cuban leader in his words.
In the few more than one thousand days it lasted in power, the Popular Unity managed to radically transform that country, by claiming historical aspirations of the Chilean people such as the nationalization of copper, the expropriation of large estates and the expansion of Education and Health among all, he added.
The conquests of the Chilean left were subjected to a siege and its economy blocked and submitted to an unprecedented media war, and the empire directed the operations for the overthrow in its worst style, the Cuban leader emphasized.
"It is a duty and an opportunity to stop, even if only for a few minutes and from a distance, at what that government represented, what the Popular Unity constituted, what it meant to join the forces of the left around a socialist ideal and by what means and methods imperialism managed to break it, imposing by blood and fire an economic model that excludes the majorities and represses them even in their so-called democratic periods," Cuban president concluded.

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