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October Thursday

Mexico-Cuba Friendship Group condemns US blockade

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 7 (acn) The Mexico-Cuba Friendship Group condemns the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba and calls for its lifting, Laura Imelda Perez, its president, said on Twitter.
The also federal deputy for the state of Jalisco noted that in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic; the blockade exerted by USA and its allies is more than cruel and inhuman.
Perez shared the positioning of the Group at the Congress of the Union Chamber of Deputies in the face of hostile politics, a document that indicates that this is an act intentionally designed to provoke hunger, disease and despair in the Cuban population.
The text alludes to the economic damage caused by the blockade and highlights that the Caribbean island "is at the forefront in different fields, including universal coverage in education, sports and, of course, in health."
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Cuba deployed medical missions of international nature from the first moment, showing their humanitarian commitment, the note states and adds that Cuba reaffirmed the solidarity that characterizes it by being the only nation that received the British cruise ship MS Braemar when five confirmed cases of the new coronavirus were among its passengers.
The Mexican deputy also said that at least 45 countries seek to use the Cuban drug human recombinant Interferon alfa 2b, used both in Cuba and China and other nations in the treatment protocols for patients with COVID-19.
Therefore, it is inhumane that in days past, an airplane with rapid detection kits and masks sent by the Alibaba & Jack Ma foundation could not arrive in Cuban soil as a result of the blockade, Perez stressed.
She affirmed that "we must and have the historic commitment to help Cuba, not only to continue providing a healthy life for its heroic people, but to go further in fulfilling the potential of its educational and social systems so that it can contribute even more amazingly to human well-being and development.”
The Mexico-Cuba Friendship Group invited the peoples of America to show solidarity with Cuba, to offer help and moral support and to embrace the Latin American fraternity to the sister nation in gratitude for the solidarity it continues to show even in these moments of health crisis around the world.

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