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June Tuesday

Fight against COVID-19, Cuban government's priority

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 2 (ACN) Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz led the daily meeting at the Revolution Palace on Wednesday afternoon, which reviewed in detail the situation with COVID-19 in Cuba, where 212 cases have been confirmed, including six deaths.
Speaking at the meeting, the head of state referred to the four medical discharges given during the last day in the country, "these are four lives that have been saved," he said.
On this sensitive subject, he considered that "we must continue insisting, above all because of the behaviour we have had with critical and serious patients, that people come to the medical services from the moment they have the first symptoms because, to the same extent as the faster we can detect and act clinically on the disease, there is more chance of successful treatment".
The president of the Republic also spoke about a group of experiences currently developing in the different provinces, related to the care of the most vulnerable people; the work of community actors to serve the population in this difficult context, where the non-State sector has been included; and the role of the National Revolutionary Police, informing and controlling indiscipline; all of which can be socialized to the rest of the country.
 In his address on Wednesday, Diaz-Canel oriented the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to make inspections in the coming days, coordinated with the provincial and municipal governments, to check compliance with the measure indicated on the use of teleworking, which, in his opinion, is still not used to its full potential.  It will also have to assess how the decision not to keep people who are vulnerable to COVID-19 in any work center is being complied with.
 Meanwhile, he told the Ministry of Economy and Planning to "strengthen everything that supports food production, which is one of the basic tasks". For example, the Head of State indicated, "the fuel and resources that we have already provided for agriculture can be given to fulfill the plans for planting and food production, and that this begins to have a regular check-up.
He also urged that “the granting of land be encouraged, with control but without bureaucracy, because there are several people who are requesting it at this time. First, he said, we must insist that those who already have land produce more under these conditions, and on the other hand, anyone who wants to expand the land in usufruct is also viable. But, he clarified, "let's not delay the procedures and not become an obstacle to what we want to achieve in food production.

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