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August Saturday

Rafael Correa Urges Obama to Put Down Double Standard towards Latin America

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 21 (ACN) Ecuador's Rafael Correa urged Barack Obama, who begins his second presidential term on Monday, to put down his double-standard policy towards Latin America.

"I wish Obama luck in his new mandate and the best success in his government, but as former president of the Union of South American nations (UNASUR), I insist that there has been little change in the US foreign policy towards this region," Correa said as quoted by PL news agency.

The Ecuadorian leader recalled that he first met Obama at the 2009 Trinidad-Tobago Summit of the Americas, and he perceived him a good person, but he added that Obama continues to apply a double-standard policy towards Latin America.

Such policy labels those rulers, who keep a friendly stance towards Washington as good leaders, while describes as evil those who do not summit themselves to the caprices of US presidents, Correa pointed out.
"They describe the most shameful Latin American presidents as examples of democracy despite accusations of their violations of human rights and their linkage to paramilitary bands and drug traffickers.

"We, who give our own lives for human rights, are labeled as dictators, ambitious and bloody rulers," the Ecuadorian candidate to the presidential elections pointed out.

However, in the Cuban territory of Guantanamo, illegally occupied by Washington against the will of the Cuban people, they are still torturing people and nothing happens, said Correa and noted that the United States continues to commit crime with their drones and selective assassinations.

On top of that, Washington issues reports on the situation of human rights in other countries and keeps with its overpowering stance and its self awarded moral supremacy, Correa stressed and concluded by asking who appointed the United States judge of good and evil. This situation has to change, he said.

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