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Cuban Five Granted Nelson Mandela Prize by Philly Geller Foundation

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 5 (acn) Philadelphia's Geller Foundation granted its Nelson Mandela Prize to the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters who were given unfair prison sentences in the United States after they infiltrated US based violent organizations that planned terrorist actions against the Cuban people.

The prize, granted for the first time by the Philly institution, was handed over by the director of the New York-based Center for Cuban Studies, Sandra Levinson during a meeting in Havana of 25 members of that center with relatives of the five Cubans and Fernando and Rene Gonzalez, the only two of them who have returned home after fully serving their prison sentences.

During the meeting at the building of the Cuban Friendship Institute, on July 30, the 25 visitors from New York and New Jersey expressed their interest in learning more about the African roots of Cuban culture.

The Geller Foundation in Philadelphia is led by two members of the Center for Cuban Studies and when Mandela passed away they established the annual prize to be granted to those people that best incarnate the human qualities of the South African leader.


+1 #1 Geller Foundation awardMarie Barry 2014-08-06 18:58
I have the greatest respect for the Cuban Five they are an example to the entire world for their tenacity, their unwaivering truth, their heroism, and their humanity. Thank you for giving this award to them they are undoubtedly deserving of such an accolade we will support their cause until they are all pardoned and Antonio, Ramon and Gerardo are returned to their native Cuba free men, until then, la lucha continuara right across the globe, and especially here in Ireland.
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