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January Saturday

Similarities and differences between dengue and COVID-19

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 24 (ACN) COVID-19 and dengue are two viral diseases that cause fever, general discomfort, anorexia, headache and, sometimes, vomiting and diarrhea.

An update on the similarities and differences between both diseases published by Revista Cubana de Pediatría points out that their concurrence forces physicians and other health workers to learn their characteristics in order to make personalized diagnoses.

The new coronavirus produces coughing and other respiratory symptoms, neither of which is common but possible in cases of dengue, according to the article posted on Infomed.

Anosmia (lack of smell) and hypogeusia (reduced ability to taste things) are typical of COVID-19, although some dengue patients have reported taste disturbances, according to specialists, who hold that epidemiological research is paramount for diagnosis once the PCR test confirms the presence of the virus.

Both COVID-19 and dengue have a febrile and a critical period, known as multisystemic inflammatory syndrome in the former and hypovolemic shock in the latter. Currently there is no recognized antiviral drug against either.

While no effective dengue vaccine has ever been achieved, Cuba came up with COVID vaccines such as Soberana 02 and Abdala.

The main similarity between these diseases is that everyone must learn about them and how to manage them. The best COVID-19 antidote is prevention, whereas dengue can only be tackled by eliminating mosquito breeding sites.

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