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October Monday

Cuba reported 4,793 cases of COVID-19, 45 deaths

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 5(ACN) Cuba studied a total of 33,290 samples for surveillance during the day, resulting in 4,793 positive results. The country accumulates 9,765,273 samples taken and 900, 512 positive.

At the end of October 4, 52,550 patients were admitted, 27,296 suspected, 2,961 under surveillance and 22,293 confirmed active.

Of the total number of cases 4,761 were contacts of confirmed cases; 19 with a source of infection abroad and 13 without a precise source of infection . There were 5,511 discharges, 870,499 patients recovered (96.7%) and 45 people died. In the intensive care unit, 326 confirmed patients are being treated, including 100 critically ill and 226 seriously ill patients.

Of the 4,793 positive cases, 2.7% (128) were asymptomatic, totaling 127,221, which represents 20.0% of those confirmed to date. The diagnosed cases belong to the following age groups: under 20 years of age (897), 20 to 39 (1053), 40 to 59 (1529) and over 60 (1314).

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