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April Saturday

Cuba can cover all its demand with home-made ventilators

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 1 (ACN) With the development of four new models of pulmonary ventilators, Cuban science guarantees sufficient coverage in the field of ventilation, both for the care of COVID-19 patients, as well as in other medical fields.

Mitchell Valdés Sosa, director of the Center for Neurosciences (CNEURO), explained at a press conference that Cuba has never had a crisis in that sense, thanks to the work of the Health personnel who managed to flatten, at a certain moment, the curve of contagions, and thus decrease the probabilities of patients compromised in serious and critical states.

Referring to the ventilators under development, he mentioned a high-end ventilator, manufactured by the company Combiomed, which will be finished this year and will be made available to patients in serious condition, and the PQ20, emergency equipment to be deployed quickly, which is being delivered to the national health system.

He said that more than 120 units have been delivered so far and before the end of the first half of 2021, 250 of these ventilators, designed to intubate patients in an intermediate state of severity, will be completed.

While they are not being used in COVID-19 cases, they do free up higher-end, more complex equipment for other functions such as anesthetic recovery, for example, and that strengthens the pandemic response.

The other ventilator under development is in conjunction with the Centro de InmunoEnsayo and CNEURO, for the ventilation of much less severe cases and the delivery of another 250 is expected before August, said Valdés Sosa.

Thus, there would be 500 new units of this type for mild and moderate cases, thanks to the efforts of the national industry, while the Electronics Group is working on a fourth model, he added.

Speaking exclusively to the Cuban News Agency, the CNEURO director declared that making sustainable the manufacture of these ventilators and other technical means to face COVID-19 represents a source of pride for Cuban science.

Putting them to work will put us in an advantageous position not only against the epidemic, but also against any pandemic or disease in the future, he said.

Despite the negative impact of the U.S. blockade against the Cuban economy, it has been possible to develop, among other projects, molecular biology tests and intensive care monitoring equipment, the specialist pointed out.

In such an adverse context, marked by the depression of international trade and tourism, the 250 measures of Donald Trump's administration tried to strangle Cuban life, he reflected.

Fernández Sosa pointed out that any other country in similar conditions would have had to face a crisis and the consequent collapse of its health system, but the investments that Cuba has made for years in the biotechnology industry allowed us to produce a good part of what is needed for molecular biology.

In the face of a critical situation for the country, science responded, but it is necessary to point out that the organization of the health system and the population's confidence in Cuba's scientific potential and the biotechnology industry are going hand in hand with technological development.

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