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April Saturday

Loving medicine to better fight COVID-19

The arrival of COVID-19 to planet Earth marked a before and after in the history of mankind by breaking the apparent peacefulness of daily life and changing the lives of human beings who have become a guerrilla force in the front line of the war against the disease.

For almost a year, many Cubans have been fighting in close combat with the virus, resolved to beat the deadly pandemic with a life-saving checkmate. One of them is Evelyn Yanet González Batista, a young doctor devoted to her profession.

"I knew that they needed me when they opened isolation centers in my province to treat COVID-19 patients, so I started to work there even if it meant to be far from my family".

A specialist in General Integrated Medicine, she saw the opportunity to tackle the disease from up close as an incentive to work harder. “The whole first stage of the fight was a unique experience to me as a doctor and as a human being, and my eagerness to help outmatches any fear, concern or anguish".

Dr. González Batista is not currently working in isolation centers, as she is preparing to join a possible international mission. "The Ministry of Public Health asked me if I was willing to offer my knowledge to support other people if necessary and I said yes, just as I did here.”
When asked about a possible more efficient method to deal with the virus, the young doctor said that loving medicine is the best quality to defeat COVID-19.

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