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January Thursday

Cuban Center for Placental Histotherapy produces new products using human placenta

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 6 (ACN) The Center of Placental Histotherapy Dr. Carlos Manuel Miyares (HISPLACEN), in Havana, is involved in the research, development and production of new products for the treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis and alopecia, based on the use of human placenta and its components.

In statements to the Cuban News Agency, Dr. Ernesto Miyares Diaz, its Director of Clinical Services, explained they are currently working on a clinical trial in phase four which will determine the effectiveness and safety of Melagenina Plus, the institution's main line.

From these investigations -he said- the registration of the drug will be consolidated, which will favor its inclusion in the external market, as it is a drug approved in 1990, they expect to have a result of more than 80 percent of effectiveness, taking into account the international standards.

Melagenina was the first treatment for vitiligo that was achieved in Cuba in the 1980s, with an effectiveness of 84 %, while in the 1990s Melagenina Plus appeared, which turned out to be more effective by registering 86 % and needing a lower number of daily applications, the expert pointed out.

The doctor also commented that in the research field different projects are being carried out with the aim of achieving a more effective drug in the treatment of vitiligo, using placental extracts and other components such as the umbilical cord.

At the same time, in order to combat the effects of psoriasisp, HISPLACEN has Cporiodermine, a drug obtained from the cotyledons of the placenta, which has shown good results in the treatment of this condition.

Regarding alopecia, one of the main reasons for consultation in the clinical direction, Yadira Gonzalez Herrera, researcher assistant of HISPLACEN, indicated there is a product called biofortifying of the hair in phase of stability studies to present it in the sanitary control register.

The specialist expressed it is a modification of the pilotrophin, a drug registered in 1997 with a limited production capacity, since it is obtained only from the use of virgin placentas, and other drugs such as melagenin and coriodermine are the priority.

HISPLACEN besides developing new drugs for the treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis and alopecia, also produces a food supplement called BIOPLA, which is obtained from placental residues improving the immune status in patients with HIV, in dancers and sportsmen, and more recently was crucial in the recovery of ambulatory patients with COVID-19.

The Placental Histotherapy Center was founded on April 25, 1986, due to the international repercussion caused by Melagenina, a drug developed by the then director of the center, Dr. Carlos Manuel Miyares Cao.

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