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September Tuesday

Cuba applies Biomodulin T in a preventive way since the beginning of the pandemic

HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 11 (ACN) From early dates such as April 3rd, Cuba approved the use of Biomodulin T in old people's homes, in order to achieve an effective prevention effort against COVID-19.

This was announced in the Mesa Redonda TV program by the PhD Consuelo Macias Abraham, director of the Institute of Hematology and Immunology, who also referred to the fact that this Cuban biological immunomodulator was first applied in homes in Havana, and then its use was extended to the rest of the country, on April 14th.
The intention of the Commission of Innovation and Technology of the ministry of public health was to suggest an intervention strategy to avoid infections in the high-risk population, based on the experience obtained from the health crisis in several European countries and in Canada. That is why they decided to use the medicine on the recommendation of the National Center of Biopreparations (BioCen), the entity that developed and produces it.
From this preventive treatment applied to the population at risk, a clinical trial was obtained, approved by the Center for the State Control of Drugs, Equipment and Medical Devices (CEDMED by its Spanish acronym), in which a total of 12 Biomodulin T bulbs were applied to the subjects for six weeks, and then the immunity in the patients was compared before and after starting the treatment, which showed excellent results.
The researcher pointed out that this trial not only allowed high level immunity readings to be made, but also included an overview of innate immunity, that which appears when the body first confronts an infectious cell.
After this procedure, it was demonstrated that Biomodulin T has a favorable action on the dynamics of the immune response, which helped to decide to apply the drug again in this regrowth to nursing homes, and to at-risk population located in areas where the disease exists, or that are especially vulnerable, including those who are older than 40 and live under the protection of the State.

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