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January Monday

Cuba guarantees careful attention to pregnant women amid COVID-19

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 20 (ACN) Despite the epidemiological situation facing Cuba due to SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, the Maternal and Child Health Program (PAMI by its Spanish acronym) of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP by its Spanish acronym) guarantees prenatal care to all pregnant women as is established in the country.
Dr. Noemis Doris Causa Palma, director of the PAMI, declared exclusively to the Cuban News Agency that in the midst of the pandemic, which has spread to more than 180 countries, prenatal monitoring is being continued in Cuba, and preventive measures against COVID-19 are being strengthened for both patients and health workers.
There are an estimated 21,402 pregnant women who will give birth by July, she explained.
Referring to the care offered to pregnant women with hypertension, diabetes or other risks, she explained that the control is determined in the current action guide and work protocols, and once the pregnancy is diagnosed, specialized consultations are established in provincial hospitals by specialists dedicated to these conditions.
In case a pregnant woman is infected with COVID-19, the care of the obstetric and postnatal patient was outlined in the national protocol for the prevention, care and follow-up of patients with this disease.
As opposed to the Influenza H1N1 pandemic, in which pregnant women were a high-risk group, in COVID-19, the data so far report no differences with the general population.
Pregnant women do not appear to be more susceptible to infection and the clinical features of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus-associated pneumonia in pregnant women have been reported to be similar to those present in non-pregnant ones.
 So far there is no evidence of possible mother-to-child vertical transmission in the third trimester; and as for fetal complications the data collected do not prove an increased risk of abortion in pregnant women with COVID-19, the director of the PAMI concluded.

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