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January Monday

Cuba has specialists to determine the peak moment of the COVID-19

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 30 (ACN) Francisco Durán, national director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health, informed on Monday in a press conference that Cuba has specialists to forecast the COVID-19 progress, how it should behave in the next few days, and above all to determine the moment of the peak in order to create conditions and train the personnel.
That information is not yet available, because it responds very much to the measures taken by each country, not only by the governments but also by the population, and those analyses have not been concluded, he said.
Beyond these definitions, he explained, the most important thing is that the number of infected Cubans has grown, so it is more important to take care of oneself and above all to restrict the movement of people.
Durán stressed that information will be provided in due course on when to expect the maximum number of confirmed patients in the national territory, so that people can continue to take responsibility for their protection and that of those around them.
He reiterated the importance of, at the slightest sign of illness, going to the doctor, especially if he has been in contact with a foreigner or someone who has been abroad.
The National Director of Epidemiology once again called on the population to stay at home and go out as little as possible, and if necessary, to do so in a protected manner. 
He recalled the importance of using face masks and the continuous disinfection of surfaces with 0.5 percent hypochlorite solution.
As for this Sunday's day, he pointed out that the number of travelers who arrived in the national territory decreased: 92 Cuban residents, in addition to the 15 crew members of the planes.
560 people left the country, among them 74 emigrants and two resident Cubans; and 20,999 people remain in Cuba, of which 13,464 are foreigners and 7,445 emigrants, he said.
According to Durán, air operations are decreasing, and yesterday only five flights were made through the José Martí International Airport.
At today's press conference it was revealed that the number of confirmed cases in Cuba rose to 170 (31 new ones), the number of deaths to four (one more), and that 2,681 patients, 91 of them foreigners, are being admitted for clinical-epidemiological surveillance at the isolation and care centers created for this purpose.

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