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October Wednesday

Cuban medical brigades support to other nations does not affect services in the country

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 25 (ACN) In view of the concern that due to the principles of internationalism and Cuba's support to other countries for the treatment of COVID-19, the nation's health services will be affected, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP by its Spanish acronym) assured this Wednesday that this does not affect the professionals or resources in the local fight.

At a press conference in Havana, Francisco Duran, National Chief of Epidemiology, explained that the departure of medical brigades to other nations, including Italy, does not affect the number of specialists, resources or intensive care requirements to treat patients with the new coronavirus or other diseases in the country.

He also clarified that there should be no concerns regarding patients with chronic non-communicable diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular conditions or diabetes, as their care and treatment will continue to be guaranteed.

As for the criteria prevailing in the population as to whether the climate has an impact on reducing the spread of COVID-19, he explained that there are still no scientific elements to prove it, so Cubans should not be too optimistic due to the warm climate of the territory.

Duran reported that 854 Cuban residents arrived in the country on Tuesday; 7,354 people departed and 29,589 remain in the national territory, of which 8,204 are emigrants and 21,385 foreigners.

As for the possibility of establishing an obligatory quarantine in the country, he commented that this decision is made considering not only the number of cases but also the behavior of the transmission, and all the measures adopted here are precisely to avoid a complete isolation.

The expert also explained that the experiences of other countries in confronting and treating COVID-19 are analyzed and taken into account, and the schemes used in Cuba have a similarity with those used and still applied in China.

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