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October Wednesday

Cuba produces 22 medicines against Covid-19

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 18 (ACN) A total of 22 drugs used in the confrontation and treatment of Covid-19, among which interferon alpha 2B is highlighted for its proven results in China, are produced in plants of the Biocubafarma business group.

These medicines are part of the 300 produced by Biocubafarma as part of the basic supply to healthcare centers and pharmacies throughout the country, efforts currently being increased in response to the epidemiological emergency caused by the new coronavirus, Prensa Latina reported.
Rita Maria Garcia, Biocubafarma's Director of Operations and Technology, said the company had prepared itself with raw materials, supplies and spare parts to meet the demands of the current epidemiological crisis.
The antiviral recombinant Interferon alpha 2B is a leading product of Cuban biotechnology that is produced at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB by its Spanish acronym) and at the joint Cuban-Chinese plant ChangHeber, where it is used in preventive care for vulnerable health care personnel and patients of Covid-19.
Cuba is currently fully equipped to respond to the country's needs and to more than 15 requests from nations in Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia, based on the experience acquired from their use during outbreaks of other viruses.
Marta Ayala, deputy director of the CIGB, explained that interferons are molecules produced by the organism itself in response to viral attacks, which is why they constitute the immune system's first natural defense against the entry of the germ, while also participating in the inhibition of viral replication.
Cuba's current availability provides coverage for thousands of people in a three- to six-month period, with definite projections of increasing volumes to meet their demands and those received from abroad.

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