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We placed our country in a very high position, Cuban collaborators in Ecuador assured

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We placed our country in a very high position, Cuban collaborators in Ecuador assuredHAVANA, Nov 19 (ACN) We did our duty, we raised Cuba's name high which is the most important thing, the Ecuadorian people love us and cried for us after the government's news of concluding cooperation agreements, said Cuban collaborators in Ecuador.

In dialogue with the Cuban News Agency, in arriving today at terminal number 3 of the Jose Marti international airport, Cuban collaborators expressed their satisfaction for having contributed to offering health to the most deprived of that Central American nation.
They also thanked the leadership of the Party and the Government of Cuba and the medical mission in Ecuador, who, from the first moment the decision was taken to leave the country, were watching over us and preserved our lives, one of collaborators said.
When the current government of Ecuador closed the agreements, 382 Cuban professionals were providing services for specialties that were deficient in that nation, announced Dr. Jose Angel Portal Miranda, head of the Ministry of Public Health, who welcomed the first group of the brigade that arrived today in Cuba.
Out of the 174 aid workers, 62 arrived at Jose Marti International Airport, from the western and central provinces and the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, and on the same flight, which landed earlier in Santiago de Cuba, another 112 from the eastern territories.

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