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Intense Rehabilitation Works in Cuban Village for 500 Anniversary

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Intense Rehabilitation Works in Cuban Village for 500 AnniversaryREMEDIOS, VILLA CLARA,Cuba, Feb 3 (acn) The execution of some 11 works for accommodation or recreation is carried out by the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR by its Spanish acronym) for the celebration of 500th anniversary of Remedios, the eighth village founded by the Spaniards in Cuba.

The works include the adaptation of a two-story house located opposite the main square of the city, which will serve as the Camino del Principe hotel, which will have 25 rooms.

Regla Dayamí Armenteros, delegate of the entertainment industry in Villa Clara, told ACN that it will soon start the rehabilitation of another old building to become it into a new hosting facility, to which we must add the Mascotte and Barcelona, already in operation in the city.

Remedios is a town that exhibits a high degree of conservation of properties with architectural and heritage values, so MINTUR intends to contribute to its beautification and improvement of conditions for raising offerings for visitors, she said.

Armenteros reported concerning the celebration of the town founding on June 24th, they are also working on repairing the tavern El Parrandero where a cellar for wine storage is built, and El Güije, intended for sale drinks and light meals.

An expansion in Mascotte, 10-room hotel, will include the construction of a specialized store in the sale of rum and cigars, while in the historic center itself a premise will be adapted for the operation of a restaurant with 200 seats, she said.

Alain Gonzalez, manager of El Parrandero, noted that the attractiveness of the property will grow considerably when repairs were finished because this center has a privileged location, in one corner of the main square of the city.

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