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Cuba Upgrades Solar Panel Plant on Chinese Technology

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HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 9 (acn) The use of modern Chinese technology to upgrade a Cuban solar panel production plant will result in considerably production increase of that facility, thus helping the installation of high-quality solar panel systems.

The new production line is scheduled to start operating in the first quarter of the year at the Ernesto Che Guevara Electronic Components Plant, in western Pinar del Rio Province.

The technological upgrade will increase solar panel production in 2015, said senior specialist Jesus Hernandez as cited by Granma newspaper.

"This is a technological injection aimed at increasing production efficiency," said Hernandez who explained about the upcoming production of 60 000 solar panel modules with a joint 15-megawatt output.

The new investment will allow the plant to produce panels of different formats; that is, from 180 to 300 watts, though those of 250 watts will be a priority this year for the electric company, Hernandez said.


-1 #2 Senior Financial OfficerGerald Gray 2015-08-11 09:59
Congratulation s Gentlemen with your Ernesto Che Guevara Electronic Components Plant, in western Pinar del Rio Province from Canada.
As a Senior Financial Officer I believe it is of utmost importance to access the international investment renewable energy community to speed up your facilities output urgently.

Solar farm deployments as well should be at the top of your agenda, and utilizing as much domestic solar hardware as possible is extremely important for your nation's national prosperity and security.

I cannot emphasize this very important agenda any further. Accessing foreign renewal energy fresh capital with a fair secured return is key.
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0 #1 Senior Financial OfficerGerald Gray 2015-08-11 09:27

Congratulations from Canada,

I sincerely believe in your plant and am willing to search for large international investments to expand this facility.

Solarization of Cuba is the key to Cuba's energy self-sufficienc ey.

I have personally been to your country 15 times over the last 10 years and absolutely love everything about what you as a remarkable nation stand for and are doing.

Please feel free to contact me.

Gerald E. Gray
Senior Financial Officer

Direct line: 514-973-4307
5845 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, Canada
H4A 1X4
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