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Leasing to Cooperatives of Government-run Businesses on the Rise in Central Cuba

Tamaño letra:

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, Feb 5 (acn) The leasing of 462 restaurants, cafes, and entities that provide other services, to their 1,107 workers, is part of the activities developed in the province of Villa Clara in the last year, as part of the new measures that are undertaken for the revival of the sector.

Recreational centers, cafes, hairdressers and barbershops among other units practice this management model that took on Villa Clara one of its pioneers in late 2013.

Advances in these changes were known in the work analysis of the Trade Business Group during 2014, meeting chaired by Julio Lima Corzo, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the province.

Digna Morales, director of the entity, said that by 2015 the consolidation of this type of management will continue, making emphasis on non-agricultural cooperatives due their proven positive economic results.

María Caridad Cabrera, member of the Secretariat of the National Union of Workers of Trade, Gastronomy and Services, granted Morales recognition for the work of the province in 2014, awarded by that labor organization and the Ministry of Domestic Trade.

The efficient execution of income plans and sales overfulfillment of building materials and agricultural inputs excelled in the period.

They also discussed the dissatisfactions, which include deficiencies in the care of the wineries where 72 robberies were committed and suffered an inefficient supply of spare parts for household appliances.

Furthermore, the need for more training of managers was examined to address the changes in the sector, and the currency unification.

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