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Cuban food Industry Has All Needed Financing for 2015, says Official

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 29 (acn) The Ministry of Food Industry (MINAL) has this year all needed monies to ensure most of the raw materials, to meet the demands in all destinations, including tourism, said an official from the Ministry.

Jesús Rodríguez Mendoza, vice president of the business group of the sector, told ACN that this will be a big challenge, as the results are encouraging, as they have an extensive program of investment, bigger than last year.

He stressed that some of these will be focused primarily on the recovery of auxiliary, power and cooling services, to achieve greater stability and better functioning of technological equipment.

Opening the Food Pavilion in Expocuba, María del Carmen Concepción, head of MINAL said that to optimize the quality is essential to consolidate the interface that must exist between the research institute of the organism and its business system.

She stressed that it will increase production levels, variety and especially the quality of the products to the population, either through the basket or the network of dollar stores.

Regarding equipment maintenance, Nelson Arias, first vice president of the Business Group of that sector, emphasized that they have a budget of 36 million pesos for imports, 25 million more than in 2014.

In this regard he stressed that everything associated with spare parts will receive an important boost to rehabilitate all the equipments in the industry, which has suffered a terrible deterioration in many years of operation.

He stressed that another challenge for this year is to mitigate technological obsolescence, which largely prevents the growth of production.

The Business Group of the Food Industry aims to meet all projections in its 24 productive activities this year, Arias said.

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