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September Thursday

Cuba's statistical yearbook reveals employment and wage behavior in 2020

HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 10 (ACN) The National Statistics and Information Office (ONEI by its Spanish acronym) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) have just revealed that last year, out of a working-age population of 7,096,000 people, 4,710,000 were active in the country, for an economic activity rate of 66.4 percent.

Such indicators, slightly higher than those achieved in 2019 and 2018 are shown along with others - also of socio-economic interest in the Statistical Yearbook of Cuba 2020 Employment and Wages Edition 2021, recently published on the ONEI website.

According to Cuban law, the employed male population is between 17 and 64 years old and the female between 17 and 59; and the economically active population includes both employed and unemployed persons, and the ratio between the working age population and the economically active one is known as the economic activity rate, expressed as a percentage.

Cuba closed last year with 4,643,800 employed persons, of which 1,824,900 are women and 1,549,300 work in the non-state sector, referring to agricultural and non-agricultural cooperatives and self-employed workers, who total 602,400 nationwide.

The publication clarifies that the total number of employed persons includes those who may or may not be of working age and who work in a state job, as is the case of 15 and 16 year-old teenagers who are exceptionally allowed to work by the competent authorities.

Regarding the unemployed, ONEI and MTTS statistics reveal that at the time of the research there were 66,200 citizens, for an unemployment rate of 1.4 %.

These are people of working age who did not work during the reference period of the National Occupation Survey, because they did not have a stable employment relationship, because they had lost it and have taken steps in search of another job or because they were looking for it for the first time.

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