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April Saturday

Central province in Cuba provides plenty of land for food production

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, Mar 29 (ACN) As part of the food sovereignty program and the search for municipal self-sufficiency, 115,700 hectares of land have been handed over to 17,900 usufructuary producers in Villa Clara over a 10-year period to date, hence there is plenty of land for the farmers to harvest.

According to Alain Rodriguez, delegate of Agriculture in the central province, of the 4,555 new applications, 1,189 are still in process and none of them are out of term, so they should be completed in the next month.

In the urban agriculture program, Rodriguez said that currently the province has 8.3 square meters of arable land per 1,000 inhabitants, while the main goal is to reach 10 square meters this year.

In urban agriculture as well, although 16, 000 courtyards have yet to be incorporated, growth has been achieved and the province is currently at 78 % of the real potential equivalent to 64, 000 of these structures, he said.

Today, the agricultural system in the central province has more than 72, 000 people involved in food production, which means, according to the total population of the territory, that a single individual produces food for 11.

For the spring campaign, 29, 908 hectares are planned to be sown and already in March, out of a plan of 5,466, up to the 10th, there was an actual of 1,783 hectares (32 percent), Rodriguez concluded.

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