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April Saturday

Cuban province develops criollo pig breeding for the country's development

CIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba, Feb 19 (ACN) The breeding of criollo pigs is growing in Ciego de Avila(central region) as part of a national strategy that seeks to maintain the production of animal feed with its own resources to save imports to the country.

Although the criollo or dark-coat pig, as it is also known, does not replace the commercial pig in intensive breeding because it genetically presents high levels of fat and less development of the most valuable parts of the carcass, that is, less meat, it can be developed with the minimum conditions because it is more resistant to climate and diseases, and at the same time less demanding in terms of nutrition, according to specialists.

The partnership between the Animal Biofood Research Center (CIBA by its Spanish acronym), located in Moron, and pig farmers from the 10 municipalities of the province, allows the number of pigs of this breed to grow for years, Nury Perez Valdes, MSc and Agronomist Engineer and coordinator of the project, told the Cuban News Agency.

CIBA began to distribute genetic material for the formation of pig preserves since late 2018 and so far about 35 producers, who have conditions, especially in terms of food and space for their development, have benefited from a stallion and at least three females to achieve the reproduction of the species, the specialist added.

Among the advantages of promoting this variety are the saving of water and electricity during breeding, emphasized Yamile Oria Hernandez, owner of Las Margaritas, a school farm of the International Project "Connecting Landscapes", located in the municipality of Florencia.

Since 2013, CIBA began studies of the Criollo pig, actions aimed at the improvement and preservation of the breed and the diagnosis of the main breeders, in order to guarantee genetic reserve stocks in rural areas and the use of local food alternatives in recent years.
The Animal Biofood Research Center in Ciego de Avila is renowned for its technical advice on agricultural and tropical production with a focus on sustainability, closing cycles and species resistant to climate change.

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