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March Wednesday

Cuba adjusts payment systems to workers amidst Ordering Task

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 18 (ACN) Marta Elena Feitó, Cuban Minister of Labor and Social Security, reported today on the approval of measures to readjust payment systems in the budget and business sectors.

Minister Feitó explained that among the modifications is the improvement of the salary mechanisms for highly qualified workers, based on the mobile income in groups VII and VIII of the salary scales.

The measure benefits 12,400 workers who will be paid retroactively as of January, with an implication of 67 million CUP per year, which will be financed mainly by the companies to which they belong.

These groups include positions associated with the generation, repair and maintenance of networks, maritime, port, fishing, railroad, industrial and aviation activities.

In order to define the category of highly qualified operator, the requirements were taken as having a high school degree or intermediate technical degree, those who require long periods of preparation, perform highly responsible functions and whose failures represent a high economic and social cost.

The analysis has not been completed and the Ministry will conclude it in the course of February, she said.

Another of the measures is the approval of systems of payment by results by indicators associated with individual performance, which do not constitute a piecework payment, and thus eliminating the systems of payment by results, associated with the fulfillment of management indicators and limits.

In this sense, the salary structure includes a fixed part composed of the scale salary plus additional payments and the mobile part, associated with results; in turn, there is a piece-rate payment and another referred to the distribution of profits for the individual contribution, in two aspects: a quarterly payment on account and an annual distribution.

This includes the activities of companies with different management models, such as TaxisCuba and Transporte de La Habana; in the former, it is associated with compliance with the coefficient of use of the vehicle fleet, and in the latter, with drivers and collectors plus workshop personnel.
This measure also covers the retail sales activity in the tourism sector and the collection managers of the control and fine collection offices, and after one year the effectiveness of its application will be evaluated.

It was also decided to differentiate the salaries of general and high school teachers from those of higher technical graduates, so that teachers' salaries are ranked according to their academic level and professional improvement is encouraged.
She explained that 872 teachers were covered by the provision, which has an annual cost of 4.2 million pesos.

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