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March Wednesday

Cuban economists share views on Task Ordering

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 17 (ACN) A open forum-debate in Telegram, promoted by the National Association of Cuban Economists and Accountants (ANEC), enables related professionals to comment on their criteria and experiences regarding the implementation of the task of monetary reorganization.

Task Ordering is an extraordinary effort that the country is making at an extremely complex time at national and international level, and the fact that we are reviewing each action so thoroughly is revealing of the members’ immense desire to organize things without leaving any citizen unprotected, imposing shock policies or toying with neoliberalism, ANEC president in Havana, Nicolás Valladares, remarked.

“We could discuss economic technicalities, but let us prove with facts that we support this process and have a great responsibility in clarifying the issues on the table,” he said, and called on specialists nationwide to join the debate.

His counterpart in the city of Santiago de Cuba, Doctor of Science Víctor Luis López Lescay, holds that we are faced with "a strategy elaborated with a scientific and systemic approach, designed to mobilize all economic actors of society, streamline and boost the economy, and provide solutions to structural, financial and labor problems, as well as to encourage production, increase productivity and guarantee a more just distribution of wealth.”

ANEC vice president Ramón Labañino, Hero of the Republic of Cuba, praised the initiative and asked those who wrote papers or did research at this state of the Task of Monetary and Exchange Reorganization to send them to headquarters with a view to their posting online and address any concerns to the decision-making bodies.

“A useful brainstorming process is developing here which we should follow up on," he wrote in reference to the debate on issues such as the implementation of the Wage Reform, the distribution of profits, and the impact of Task Ordering.

Abilio Otto Díaz-Armesto, professor of the Raúl Roa Higher Institute of International Relations, said the important thing is to be permanently prepared for timely adjustments and rectifications, not when the social cost is irreversible.

"Our ethics must resemble a master builder's square, based on technical arguments and economic-mathematical methods, as accurate as compass and, in the face of uncertainty, have recourse to expert criteria, structural analysis, ISO standards and, above all, the courage to be honest without being naïve," he wrote.

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