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March Saturday

Cuban Agriculture Minister monitors closely Ordering Task

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 11 (ACN) In compliance with the monitoring of policies for food production and industrial processing, the Agri-Food Commission of the National Assembly of People's Power has been checking since the beginning of this year the implementation of the 24 measures aimed at the agricultural sector in the Economic-Social Strategy and, in particular, of the Ordering Task in the Ministry of Agriculture.

As a result of the actions carried out to date, the deputies learned that, of the total number of directives approved in the agricultural branch, 18 are already being implemented, while for the remaining six the normative proposals are being prepared and will be submitted for approval by the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers.

In order to learn about the actions at the base, the parliamentarians visited six entities and exchanged with about 400 people. Among the elements identified in this process, they highlight the non-compliance with the programs for planting protein plants for animal feed and the slowness in the creation of livestock modules to ensure the 5 kg of protein per capita.

They also warned that the planned planting figures for rustic crops, such as plantain, cassava and malanga, which would ensure a supply of these items to the population, have not been reached; and that the municipal self-sufficiency program for agricultural products only reaches 23 pounds per inhabitant, out of the 30 pounds defined for next year.

With regard to the Ordering Task, the members of the Agrifood Commission detected productive, administrative and operational problems accumulated in a group of cooperatives, which makes it impossible for them to back up with their income the advances to members and ensure the value of the basket of basic goods and services.

Among other irregularities, they also reported the existence of overdue debts for more than 184 million pesos of the Empresa de Mercados de la Capital with the agricultural companies of Artemisa and Mayabeque, which makes it impossible for them to manage and access new bank credits.

The results obtained so far are being channeled through the corresponding channels for their analysis and possible transformation.

As part of its work agenda and in accordance with the indications of the President of the National Assembly, the members of the Agri-Food Commission will continue monitoring the implementation of the Economic-Social Strategy and the Ordering Task in the agencies and entities they serve.

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