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March Saturday

Cuba adds 33 million pesos to subsidize medicines for the population

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 11 (ACN) A total of 33 million pesos will be incorporated to the subsidy assumed by the State budget for medicines for the population, in this case for the payment of 37 drugs categorized as complementary.

According to Meisi Bolaños Weiss, Minister of Finance and Prices, these products return to the retail price they had before the OrderingTask; for example, aspirin which was worth 71 pesos in the pharmacy is now 10 pesos.

Some antihistamines (benadrylline, loratadine), ferrous fumarate for children and certain contraceptives are also included in this group.

The Minister mentioned that the change was based on the analysis of medical criteria and the date of the treatment (extension of the date).

She clarified that 23 medicines have been reduced and adjusted, some of them because they will no longer be imported, but will be produced domestically, and others because their prices were expressly reduced.

She also reiterated that people who, due to their low income, cannot afford a certain medicine have the right to turn to Social Assistance.

Bolaños Weiss informed about the 15 percent reduction of 41 drugs, such as some antibiotics and vitamins, which now have tariffs adapted to the new scenario, due to the adjustment produced by the decrease in the commercial margin of producers and marketers.

In relation to the consumption of some medicines for the elderly, she announced that there are four, such as Troavin, which will be reduced by 50 percent of their current price, an expense that will be assumed by the State with 14 million pesos.

According to the Minister, they are not controlled or complementary, but the country reduced them due to the sensitivity of the issue.

On the other hand, she reiterated that there is no charge for in-hospital treatments and their medicines.

A little more than a month after the beginning of the regulation process, the Cuban State continues to subsidize the drugs controlled by the card with approximately two billion Cuban pesos.

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