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February Friday

Cuba implements food sovereignty and nutritional education plan

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 22 (ACN) Gustavo Rodriguez Rollero, Cuban minister of Agriculture, called to immediately begin the second stage of the implementation of the Food Sovereignty and Nutritional Education Plan, due to the importance of its application and the results it would produce for the country's current food situation.

Moving to a second stage in this plan is a challenge due to the difficulties Cuba is facing at the moment, but it is necessary, because despite everything that is being done, it is a claim of the population to improve food, Rodriguez Rollero explained.

In a press release published on the website of the ministry of Agriculture (MINAG), the head informed that there is already a considerable amount of money to finance the Plan, mostly provided by foreign entities that have shown interest in collaborating with its implementation.

These include the Italian Development Agency, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Inter-American Bank. In addition, many offers of international collaboration have been presented, but there are still viable and sustainable projects to be coordinated.

The minister recalled that the Law on Food Sovereignty and Nutritional Education is already in the approval process in the country's legislative schedule, while he listed the measures that have been taken in Cuba in recent years and which are directly associated with this Plan.

He mentioned, among them, the approval of the Territorial Development Policy; the Agricultural Production Commercialization Policy, of which the Decree should be issued soon; the 43 measures for the development and strengthening of the Socialist State Enterprise, which also contribute to eliminate restrictions.

He also emphasized the approval of the Economic and Social Strategy, which has imposed a faster progress in these matters and, finally, the implementation of the Ordering Task.
The Food Sovereignty and Nutritional Education Plan is a state and government strategy, whose coordination for the construction, implementation and follow-up has been assigned to MINAG.

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