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February Friday

Cuba denounces obstacles of the U.S. blockade to the development of the country

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 20 (ACN) The complex of laws that make up the US blockade imposes serious limitations on the promotion of all fields of development in Cuba and the acquisition of a wide variety of inputs, medicines and equipment.

This was stated by Gabriela Gonzalez Garcia, a specialist from the U.S. Directorate of Analysis and Legal Affairs of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX by its Spanish acronym), in an interview published by the Cuban Friendship Institute.

The official explains that some modifications to the laws of the blockade have allowed some exchange between both countries, which does not represent a mitigation of the impact of this hostile policy.

Since October 2000, the US Congress has approved the Trade Sanctions Reform and Enhancement Act (TSRA), which allows the sale to Cuba of agricultural products and medicines from the northern country.

According to the specialist, under this legislation Cuba can acquire about a hundred food products (including meat and grains), but in practice it is possible to buy a very small percentage of what is allowed.

U.S. regulations and the law itself establish that exports to Cuba must be made by means of advance payments in cash, it is banned to make them in terms and there is no possibility of accessing credits, Gonzalez Garcia pointed out.

Furthermore, she clarifies; the transactions must be made through banks in a third country, so the realization of the purchase of these products is not a process free of difficulties for Cuba.

These terms, being stipulated in Law, can only be derogated or changed by the Congress of the United States, and not even the President has the power to do so. Los efectos para Cuba son notorios, a pesar de que altos funcionarios del gobierno estadounidense ignoren de manera pública e intencionada las difíciles condiciones en que se efectúan las compras en ese país, resaltó la diplomática.

The agricultural sector of the United States also suffers significant affectations, losing millions of dollars annually, due to the obstacles of its government to establish commercial relations with Cuba.

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