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February Friday

Private and co-op sector increase direct import-export deals

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 20 (ACN) A total of 863 export and import contracts have been signed between Cuban non-state management forms (FGNE) and specialized entities, of which 42 have been for the commercialization of national products in the international market.

Vivian Herrera Cid, General Director of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Foreign Trade (Mincex), explained that by the end of last week, 4,450 FGNE had approached these entities, and of them, 2,081 have firm intentions of establishing operations.

In the case of imports, Herrera Cid emphasized that 821 contracts have been signed, 59 percent of them through consignment sales and customs warehouses.

In this respect, Minister Malmierca Díaz pointed out that consignment prices are cheaper, besides speeding up the processes, and in the last few months 19 new consignment entities have been opened that aim at supplying the non-State sector with certain products that are in wide demand.

Herrera Cid stated that they have worked in other ways for the FGNE that are not located in the territories where there are export-import companies, looking for facilities to facilitate payments and receive merchandise quickly.

Of the contracts signed in these months, operations amount to about 22 million dollars, an encouraging number that shows that it is possible to insert these forms of management in this segment of the national economy, he added.

She commented that by territories, a survey of the potential for sales abroad was carried out, and from 382 proposals in the month of June, they reached 621 in December.

Around 475 potentialities are identified in the agro-food sector, which is mostly in Pinar del Río and eastern provinces, and another smaller one with crafts, professional services and furniture, he said.
There are 41 export-import State companies that manage these activities and charge a minimum commercial margin in order to encourage foreign trade with more competitive prices

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