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February Friday

Cuban agriculture, one of the sectors most affected by the US blockade

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 19 (ACN) Agriculture in Cuba is one of the sectors that has been most affected by the blockade imposed by the United States, a hostile policy that even at present constitutes the main hindrance to the development of the sector.

The blockade has caused damages especially in the business system and the agricultural cooperatives, which directly affects the production of food for the population, Maury Echevarria Bermudez, deputy minister of agriculture, said.

In a message published on the website of the ministry of agriculture (MINAG), he stressed that the implementation of the blockade against Cuba makes it difficult to meet the goals of the Sustainable Development Objectives, specifically the one related to Zero Hunger, to which Cuba has made a commitment.

Besides, it has been impossible to increase investments through international cooperation, which are necessary to improve the capacity of agricultural production.

During the last year, Echevarria Bermudez noted, there was an impact of more than 350 million dollars, which is affected, for example, by the income lost due to the export of goods and services.

There has been and continues to be even stronger financial persecution of transactions carried out by Cuba, preventing the safe payment of agricultural exports, he added.

Cuba's tobacco, the main export item, cannot be marketed in the United States nowadays, and this is the case with others such as coal, fresh fruits, bee honey and coffee.

In addition, currently many inputs, parts and seeds are imported from distant markets, when what is produced in the United States would be appropriate for Cuba.

As part of the affectations, we can mention, for example, the case of Frutas Selectas, a company of the agricultural system that supplied the cruise ships that arrived in the country, work in which it was obtaining good and notable results until the government of the United States cancelled this type of trips.

Today, it is not possible to access the technological market of the United States either, even though there are businessmen and producers who have expressed their interest in trading with Cuba; the machinery and parts they offer would facilitate the industrial development of agriculture.

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