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February Friday

Cuban govt sets topped-prices in workers´ canteens

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 15 (ACN) Meisi Bolaños Weiss, Minister of Finance and Prices, announced the decision to regulate the maximum price of the workers' canteen up to 18 pesos per day on average, some 432 pesos in the month.

She explained that the adjustment is the result of the assessment of the multiple opinions generated by the increase in the price of that service in the workplaces, as part of the implementation of re-ordering task.

There is a group of companies that did not do all the analysis for this necessary expenditure and that did not always had prices that were adjusted to the existing salary scales, stressed the official at address an issue that raised doubts and concerns in not a few companies and budgeted entities.

The price must cover the cost of the canteen itself, either because the food or be contracted out, he said.

She said that at the beginning of 2021 new prices were set but with inventories from the previous year that were not subject to regulation.

The evaluation that was made was so that the worker would have a daily expense of around 18 pesos to buy their lunch, and from that assessment such a decision was taken, although it doesn't necessarily have to be 18, it can be less.

In addition, it is being considered that when administrations are unable to cover their expenses, they can give workers other options that can be sources of income to cover costs.

In the business system, companies can use their income but it will not be deductible from taxes, and in the case of the budgeted activity, when this occurs, they can adjust and finance the difference as long as it does not exceed your approved budget.

Assessments must be made to achieve greater efficiency without deteriorating quality. This decision was also made in consultation with the unions, and the management of the workers' canteens, expressed Bolaños Weiss.


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