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January Thursday

Cuba applies monetary reordering with social protection

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 8 (ACN) Social protection, particularly for the most vulnerable sectors, is currently a priority of the monetary overhaul in Cuba despite the removal of undue gratuitousness and excessive subsidies.

Since January 1, this complex and transcendental economic transformation has been underway with a monetary and exchange rate unification and actions aimed at favoring the updating of the economic model and essential for carrying out other tasks outlined in the country's economic and social strategy.

As government authorities and party members have reiterated, everything will be done with the greatest attachment to social justice that characterizes the Cuban socialist system, with aid to the needy and for which 30 billion pesos are available.

Such protection contemplates maintaining the monetary benefits, in services and in the Social Security System, approved since 2009, and which were modified within the monetary overhaul to grant and guarantee them to the workers, the pensioners and their families. The idea is to distribute the same wealth but in a different way, which will be possible with an income reform, understood as salary, pensions, retirement and social assistance.

On the issue, the head of the Permanent Commission for the Implementation and Development of the Guidelines of the Communist Party of Cuba, Marino Murillo, published on his Twitter account that as of Monday, January 4, over 1,445,000 pensioners had received their increased stipends.

In addition, over 12,000 new groups considered vulnerable were given economic protection, on the principle that no one in Cuba will be left defenseless.

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