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January Thursday

Monetary and exchange order in Cuba: no one will be left behind

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 6 (ACN) Marino Murillo, head of the Commission for the Implementation and Development of the Guidelines, reaffirmed today that with the monetary and exchange order process started this month in Cuba, no one will be left behind.

On Twitter, Murillo announced that up to January 4, more than 1,445,000 people had received their increased pensions, while some 12,000 new vulnerable groups received economic protection through social assistance.

According to official statistics, the number of Cubans benefiting from the General Social Security System amounts to 1,700,000, who now have a minimum wage of 1,528 pesos.

This sector of the population was the first to receive the increase, as part of the transformations in the distribution of earnings included in the so-called Ordering Task.

Until December 2020, 184,083 people in Cuba who are part of 119,417 families were protected by Social Assistance.

In line with the measures of the monetary and exchange order process, the government reinforced the procedures for granting benefits to new groups which could be economically vulnerable.

These benefits are provided to families that do not have enough income to pay for basic services and food, and there are no relatives responsible for providing assistance, or members of the household who are not in a position to work.

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