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Chinese Folk Music Orchestra to Perform in Cuba

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 17 (acn) The Folk Music Orchestra of Nanjing will perform on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Covarrubias Hall of Havana's National Theater, to celebrate with the audience their Spring Festival –the beginning of the new lunar year for the Chinese people.

The artists will present pieces from the era of the Six Dynasties (Three Kingdoms [220–280 ad], Jin Dynasty [265–420] and the dynasties of the North and the South [420–589]), according to information provided by the Cuban Music Institute.
On February 19, the orchestra will share the stage with the group Percuba Ensemble of Concert Music, conducted by Damarik Favier, adds the note.
Founded in the province of Jiangsu in 1986, the group is so popular that it has been invited to over 40 nations, with the purpose of carrying out cultural exchanges abroad.
The Orchestra has participated in important festivals, like the Arts Festival of China and the International Festival of the Arts of Melbourne, Australia, obtaining acknowledgements as one of the most outstanding music groups of Asia.

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