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Meeting of Cubans living in Latin America and the Caribbean opens in Mexico

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Meeting of Cubans living in Latin America and the Caribbean opens in MexicoHAVANA, Oct 18 (ACN) The 4th Meeting of Cubans Living in Latin America and the Caribbean, which will gather from today in Mexico City almost a hundred delegates from 15 countries, will be characterized by its broad and diverse agenda.
According to Prensa Latina, the program will allow those attending the forum to listen to a master lecture given by the president of Jose Marti Cultural Society, Abel Prieto, and they will also be updated on migration policy.
They will also participate in discussions on the application of the Helms Burton Act and the effects resulting from the tightening of the US economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba for almost 60 years.
Participants in the meeting will have the opportunity to take part in a panel on education and tourism, and receive information on the latest developments in the Foreign Investment Law, as well as to enjoy the closing gala of the Cuban Culture Day at the island's diplomatic mission.
The Director General of Consular Affairs and Cubans Living Abroad, Ernesto Soberon, referred to the interest of Cubans abroad in participating in the economic and social development processes currently taking place in the country.
These forums began 41 years ago with the so-called Dialogue of 78, organized by the Cuban government, 'no measure meant a step backwards; progress has always been made, with greater or lesser speed,' Soberon remarked.

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