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Cuba takes steps to improve sugar production

Tamaño letra:

SANTA CLARA, Oct 8 (ACN) With the objective of motivating producers to increase each indicator of agro-industrial efficiency and thus obtaining a more competitive raw sugar in the foreign market, Villa Clara and other Cuban provinces will begin to apply the payment of sugarcane for its quality from the next harvest (2019-2020).

The significance of this implementation also consists in the fact that the costs of making sugar cane will be reduced and the economic-productive efficiency of the sector will grow considerably when the worker who is most outstanding for the excellent condition of his raw material is better paid.
Felix Hernandez, specialist in Sugar Company derivatives in the province, told ACN that in the country, due to limited material resources, until the previous harvest a uniform payment system was applied, in which each producer received the same payment regardless the condition in which it was found.
With this procedure, the sugarcane growers who produced the best raw material were affected because their income corresponded to the average of all those who pay to the same plant, so one of the agreements taken by AZCUBA group was the implementation of a fairer model for the agro-sugarcane worker with the best contribution.

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