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Cuba emphasizes challenges to achieve sustainable development at UN

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Cuba emphasizes challenges to achieve sustainable development at UNHAVANA, Oct 8 (ACN) Ana Silvia Rodriguez, Cuba's Alternate Permanent Representative to the United Nations, emphasized today the challenges faced by many countries to achieve their development, as well as the lack of commitment from the greatest wealth-holders.

According to Prensa Latina, the Cuban diplomat said: "We must prevent the international system from becoming a means of imposing and legitimizing unilateral measures of the strongest and most powerful over others, contrary to the multipolar world order we need, based on fair and equitable rules and norms.
She added that "we need another international financial structure and a lasting and sustainable solution to the foreign debt problem, already paid several times.
Rodriguez also referred to the eradication of poverty in all its forms and dimensions as the greatest challenge currently facing mankind.
Referring to the danger of climate change for the development and sustainability of nations, Rodriguez stressed that "no country, not even the United States, one of the main global polluters, can unilaterally renounce its international responsibility or forget its ecological debt to humanity and future generations.

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