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Cuba to elect new government on October 10

Tamaño letra:

Cuba to elect new government on October 10HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 30 (ACN) The Cuban Council of State convened the national Assembly of the People´s Power (Parliament) for an extraordinary session on October 10th to elect the new leadership of that body, and the president and Vice-president of the Republic.

Cuba News Agency now reproduces the text:

The State Council of the Republic of Cuba, in use of the attribution conferred in paragraph d) of Article 122 of the Constitution of the Republic, and in accordance with the provisions of the Second Transitory Provision of the constitutional text itself, agreed to hold an extraordinary Session of the National Assembly of People's Power for October 10 of this year, at 10:00 a.m. in the Convention Palace, with the following Agenda: Election of the President, Vice President and Secretary, of the National Assembly of People's Power, of the other members of the Council of State, and of the President and Vice President of the Republic.

Council of State

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