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June Saturday

Cuban mission to the UN rejects new US measures against Cuba

Cuban mission to the UN rejects new US measures against CubaHAVANA, Cuba, Sep 20 (ACN) The Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations ( UN ) rejected the new measures taken by the US government against Cuba, in an official statement released in New York and published today on the Minrex website.

According to the information given on September 12, the US Mission to the UN sent a letter to the Cuban representation announcing that two of its diplomatic officials had carried out activities outside their official status, considered harmful.
The report stated that, unless Cuba provided information to justify the opposite, in 48 hours it would be asked to make the necessary steps for the removal of the two officials and their families before end of September 20, 2019.
Although the Cuban Mission responded within 24 hours of the deadline, the US side, in flagrant violation of basic principles of diplomatic protocol, decided to respond with a tweet, despite the fact that the consultation channel between the two Missions had been open since the beginning of the process.
Along with the decision to unjustifiably oust the two Cuban diplomats, the note states, the tweet also announced the aggravation of the illegal policy of restricting movement that has historically been subjected to the personnel of the Permanent Mission to the UN, in flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Headquarters Agreement of the United Nations.
Cuba reiterates that its Permanent Mission categorically rejects the unjustified dismissal of its diplomats and the intensification of the restriction of movement policy for all its personnel accredited in New York and their families.
At the same time, it denounces that the situation created has as its goal to provoke a diplomatic escalation that leads to the closing of the bilateral embassies; to tighten even more the genocidal economic, financial and commercial blockade against the Cuban people and to hinder the battle that Cuba is carrying out against it at the United Nations, only a few days before the beginning of the 74th session of the General Assembly.
It points out that the US government intends to affect the prestige of Cuban revolutionary diplomacy, using the vulgar slander that Cuban diplomats carried out acts incompatible with their status.
With these actions, it adds, the U.S. government reinforces its hostile policy against the island, openly launching a provocative and meddling path against Cuba.
The new aggressions against the people, whom they have not succeeded in overcoming after 60 years of heroic resistance, are an act of revenge and impotence. Cuba cannot be intimidated, neither with these nor with other provocations. Cuba will not renounce to fight for its independence and sovereignty. Cuba knows that it is right and that it has the unity and determination to fight of all its people and the support of the international community, the Minrex statement stressed.

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